Since our inception, Kingsoft Cloud has attached great importance to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-related issues. We released our first ESG Report within one year after we went public in May 2020. We believe that strong ESG management is essential to the sustainability of our business. As a rapidly growing company, we will continue our relentless efforts to improve our ESG governance, build innovative products, set the highest standards of ethics and compliance across our supply chain, attract and retain the best talents, reduce our carbon footprint, improve our suppliers’ sustainability performance, and deepen our community engagement.

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Corporate Governance


We believe sound corporate governance is essential to ensuring efficient and stable business operations. We strictly abide by the Listing Rules of the Nasdaq and HKEX and other applicable laws and regulations and have established a comprehensive corporate governance structure. To better protect the rights and benefits of all shareholders, all ordinary shares are of the same class and enjoy the same voting rights and benefits.

Technological Innovation


Leveraging our top-notch technology infrastructure resources, Kingsoft Cloud has developed a comprehensive suite of leading cloud computing services, providing solutions to a variety of industries, including Internet, media, video, games, education, public services, artificial intelligent, financial services, healthcare, IoT, etc. Integrating big data, container, edge computing and AR/VR technologies, we are committed to driving cloud computing development and digitalization.

Responsible Operations


Kingsoft Cloud upholds the principles of compliance and integrity in every aspect of its operation. We abide by all applicable laws and regulations in our operations and act by the highest standards. We are dedicated to providing reliable cloud services, safeguarding data security and promoting honest business practices. Together with our stakeholders, we wish to build a fair, honest and transparent business ecosystem.




We regard our employees as the most valuable assets for the Company. We respect the freedom and fundamental rights entitled to employees, ensure equal opportunities for all employees and job applicants and continually look for ways to further diversify our workforce and strengthen our culture of inclusion. Developing fast, Kingsoft Cloud wishes to grow together with its employees. We provide a range of training programs and incentive mechanisms for employees worldwide, all aiming to help employees improve their all-around capabilities.

Environmental Protection


Climate change is a global challenge for every business worldwide. In September 2020, China announced that it would bring carbon emissions to a peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. As a responsible corporate citizen, Kingsoft Cloud constantly reflects on the best way to contribute to the mission and has been taking proactive actions to achieve the transition to low-carbon development.


Supply Chain Management


We seek to grow together with our suppliers following the principles of fairness, integrity, co-prosperity and transparency. We consider suppliers’ ESG performance at every stage of selecting, operating and evaluating suppliers. We believe the stable operation and quality delivery of our suppliers are key to our own stable operation. Based on this philosophy, we actively invest in supplier capacity-building and lend a hand to our suppliers wherever possible. Our main supplier categories include suppliers of servers and accessories, network equipment, security equipment, storage, wire, software licensing, software development services, etc.

Community Engagement


Kingsoft Cloud actively assumes its corporate responsibility by applying its products, services and technologies to various fields such as healthcare and education. By integrating social responsibility into its products and services, We contribute to industrial upgrading and promotes sustainable social development.


Human Rights Policy


Kingsoft Cloud is committed to developing a corporate culture which implements a policy of support and promotion for internationally recognized human rights. We attach highest importance to the protection and respect for human rights. Our human rights policy is in accordance with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This human rights policy is guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


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