Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: KC, HKEx:3896) (“Kingsoft Cloud” or the “Company”) is established in 2012. We have built a comprehensive and reliable cloud platform consisting of extensive cloud infrastructure, advanced cloud products based on our vigorous cloud technology R&D capabilities, industry-specific solutions and end-to-end fulfillment and deployment covering all project stages for customers. Looking forward, we will enhance our leading position in strategically selected industries, keep investing into infrastructure and technology, deepen collaboration with ecosystems and thus bring value to customers globally.

We achieved business and financial growth, with a revenue growth CAGR of 51.3% from 2019 to 2021, outpacing the broader industry growth CAGR of 36.4% for China’s cloud service market during the same period (According to Frost & Sullivan).

Our cloud products primarily consist of cloud computing, storage and delivery. Our cloud computing products, such as Kingsoft Bare Metal Servers Elastic Physical Compute, provide on-demand high-performance computing resources, and offer customers benefits such as availability, agility, scalability and flexibility as the usage can be rapidly adapted to customers’ business needs without having to make large investments in hardware as compared to IT infrastructure. In addition, we also offer other cloud computing products including cloud network, database, data warehouse, big data and security products. Our cloud storage products, such as KingStorage, provide cost-effective digitalized data storage infrastructure with high security, which can be deployed off premises or on premises upon request. Our cloud delivery products, such as Kingsoft Cloud Delivery Network, allow users utilize additional value-added services offered by us, such as large-scale storage, streaming encode and decode, and high definition video solutions, to further enhance their business operations.

With our strategic vision and focus on quality execution over the years, we have created a moat to maintain competitive advantages and become an established cloud service provider: 

  • Cloud service provider with established market presence and business scale, becoming a brand for neutrality and trust;
  • End-to-end cloud solution provider that offers high quality in-house fulfillment and deployment with advanced cloud products, leveraging our insights and capabilities in enterprise services; 
  • Strategic vertical expansion with proven track record; 
  • Customer-centric product development; 
  • Strong customer conversion capabilities and go-to-market efficiencies; and
  • Experienced management team and strong synergies with our strategic shareholders.