Mr. Kaiyan Tian

Vice President

Mr. Kaiyan Tian serves as our vice president and is responsible for operation and management of technology research and development system of the Group. Mr. Tian is also a director and the general manager of certain subsidiaries of the Company. Prior to joining us in September 2013, Mr. Tian served as the business assistant to the chief executive officer and the strategy director of Kingsoft Group from 2012 to 2013. Prior to joining Kingsoft Group, he worked as a senior game producer at Zynga from 2011 to 2012. He was a program manager at Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT), a public company listed on the Nasdaq, from January 2008 to April 2011. 

Mr. Tian received his bachelor’s degree in communication engineering in July 2001 and master’s degree in computer science and technology in April 2004, respectively, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (北京郵電大學).